The future of your business is too important to be left to chance. Common ‘What ifs’ that can happen in any business may turn catastrophic without the right cover in place.

Shareholder Agreement

Successful businesses put in place shareholder agreements to protect the shareholders’ investment in the company, to establish a fair relationship between the shareholders and to govern how the company is run.

Shareholder Protection

The Financial Options Group’s skilled advisers can ensure you are covered, should you be threatened with the loss of control of your company to a third party. This form of insurance helps to protect the business and can minimise stress placed on a company in the event of a shareholder’s passing.

Loss of a Key Person

In the event of losing a key member of staff – usually a director, manager or employee with specified, highly-valued skills – we can provide insurance options that will cover you to ensure continuity of business.

Succession Planning

When you decide you no longer want to continue running your business or circumstances arise which prevent you from doing so, The Financial Options Group can help to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibility and minimal disruption to the business itself.

For further details on business protection services offered by The Financial Options Group, speak to a member of the team by calling 0161 764 9944.

Find out what our clients think

Sarah Cooney – Group HR Manager, RRG Group Limited

“Having worked with Financial Options Group now over the last few years, their help and support not only with Auto-enrolment and existing pension affairs but on-going financial advice for our employees day to day has been incredible. As a company, they are approachable, honest and fair and I have to say working alongside them from a HR point of view has made my life a lot easier!”

"Practical & Responsive - they are good listeners who give advice in language you can understand"