Live life to the full – now, and after you retire. Let The Financial Options Group put a retirement plan in place that’s built around you, and make the years after you stop working your best yet.

Life expectancy continues to climb, and with this comes the sobering reality that the state pension can no longer be relied upon to support us later in life. However, you can still achieve the fulfilling and active retirement that you deserve.

It is never too early to start paying into a pension and never too late to boost an existing one. You may be able to save by switching to a less expensive provider or investing your pension differently, giving you a higher rate on return.

Amid a complex landscape of options, we can guide you to the best choices based on your specific needs, helping you to live your retirement your way.

Find out what our clients think

Phyllis Robinson

“I recently required advice on my existing pension as I wanted to access my tax free cash but didn’t immediately require the pension income. All the rules were really complex but Mike, Jenny and the staff at Financial Options Group made it look easy. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

"Now I understand the importance of changing investment strategy to reduce risk as retirement draws closer"